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Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas at Foxfield Inn

Well Christmas is now past. The snow is melting but we've gotten some pictures for you to see what it was like before Christmas.

The previous post talks about the snow that we had here at Foxfield Inn in Charlottesville VA. Over 2 feet accumulated in a relatively short time period. It was absolutely gorgeous! It's been almost a week and we still have snow on the ground although it is melting at a fast pace.

While it melts we should take some time to remember what it looked like on that first day.

The fishpond - always a delight for our guests to look at was snow and ice bound. The fish were safely tucked in amongst the seaweed and have survived the snow - they quasi-hibernate during the winter so all was well with them even though we couldn't see them.

Our Heron statue that protects the fish pond was covered with snow.

Even though there was a lot of snow everyone managed to get away safely. The first couple were able to plow through the snow as seen in the photo but two favored guests did need to stay a bit longer than originally planned as their car did not have enough clearance to drive safely back to Ohio. After much shoveling they got on their way.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Charlottesville

Well, what can one say about 28-30 inches of snow? It's beautiful, breathtaking, and really makes me thin of Christmases of my youth. The excitement of the snow coming gently down changed mid-way through the storm when I realized we had to remove it from the driveway so that guests could depart if they wanted to. Of course the limited number of snow plows in this town were all being used by the big businesses, shopping centers and plazas and restaurants. Some of our guests had to leave so we partially shoveled a path and got them out. The other guests had a car which needed the drive totally clear because it wouldn't clear much depth of snow. The neighbors pitched in and we got the driveway shoveled and them on thier way a day later. Just a bit more shoveling and we'll be good as new tomorrow to welcome our guests for the Christmas holiday.

Charlottesville has survived the storm rather well for a Southern city not used to getting much snow at one time. Yes, the city came to a halt but it is now lively with Christmas and holiday excitement. It looks like a Currier and Ives picture!

We hope your Christmas is filled with good cheer and merriment.

Dan and Kathryn

PS - we no longer are singing "Let It Snow".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Holidays - Gift Certificates and Activities

Well the holiday season is here already! It has been an incredibly exciting year for for us here at Foxfield Inn. We met so many wonderful people this year, enjoyed great conversations while having a glass of wine on the patio or in front of the fire. What more could anyone ask for? Except more of the same.

We've redone our website, redesigned our logo and coffee mugs and, in general, refreshed the inn. It's been quite busy when we haven't been with making sure our guests are comfortable and have what they want. We've developed new recipes and have started work on, finally, writing that cookbook that everyone has asked when is it coming?.

This year we will be open throughout December. We will have our Christmas and New Year's celebrations here at Foxfield Inn instead of traveling to other places. If you're in the area feel free to stop in and join us for some cheer.

Still looking for that special gift for someone near and dear? How about a Gift Certificate for a nice relaxing getaway? Give us a call to arrange or visit our website to order on-line.

Best wishes for you this holiday season,
Dan and Kathryn