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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Picks for Restaurant Week 2013

Foxfield Inn is calling all foodies! Did you know that Charlottesville is rumored to boast the most restaurants per capita of any city in America? No wonder we've always got food on the brain! Good thing Restaurant Week 2013 has begun, allowing us to indulge in all our local cravings. As we explained in our previous post, participating Charlottesville restaurants will be offering fixed price menus full of creative dishes for two weeks. This is the most affordable way to enjoy the best in Charlottesville dining.

You can browse the full list of participating restaurants and their menus for Week 1 here (January 21 - 27) and for Week 2 here (January 28 - February 3). But just to give you a little taste, we went ahead and selected what we would order...

The hunt country decor at Horse&Hound Gastropub reminds us of another fox-hunting themed locale... (Source)

Our Week 1 picks from Horse & Hound Gastropub*
First course - The Dungeness crab salad with shredded cabbage, jicama, bruised green beans, crushed hazelnuts, and bitter orange vinaigrette sounds refreshing-- the perfect way to whet our appetites.
Second course - All the entrees sound fantastic, but we'll go with the Chorizo-stuffed Pork Loin with sweet corn bread pudding, Brussels sprouts, and beer sauce.
Dessert - All we can say is make sure to bring a friend, because you'll want to order separate desserts and share. We're torn between the Thousand Layer cake with chocolate filo layers, coffee Bavarian cream, dark chocolate ganache, black pepper glaze, or the Burnt Pineapple Mousse with crisp almond macaroons, sour cherry compote, and praline almond crunch. Yum!
*Horse&Hound is offering an optional beer pairing with each course.

Chef Ian Boden of Glass Haus Kitchen (Source)

Our Week 2 picks from Glass Haus Kitchen
First course - Surryano Ham and Gruyere Croquettes with saffron aioli and fine herbs - it's like a croque-monsieur in a tidy little package.
Second course - The Beef Short Ribs with egg noodles, oyster mushrooms, bok choi, and creme fraiche sounds warm and comforting - perfect for this time of year.
Dessert - Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake with apple-parsley sorbet and candied orange peel, please! Mostly because we're especially intrigued by the apple-parsley sorbet...

Is your stomach growling yet? Restaurant Week is a fabulous way to enjoy the unique dining options that Charlottesville has to offer. What dishes have caught your eye? Leave a comment to tell us about it, and let us know how we at the Foxfield Inn can help you arrange a visit to our foodie town. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Restaurant Week is Coming!

The holidays may have come and gone, but here in Charlottesville, we at the Foxfield Inn still think it's the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Can't you feel it? There's a buzz in the air - it tickles your tastebuds and intrigues your palate... Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Charlottesville's Restaurant Week 2013 is on the horizon!

Now, our fair city boasts dozens of fabulous restaurants. But Restaurant Week (this winter we're having two: January 21-27 AND January 28-February 3) is celebrated around here for three primary reasons:

1. The chefs invent original menus often featuring seasonal ingredients or dishes you won't find on the regular menu. This showcases each chef's creativity (even more than usual) and gives the entire experience an exclusive "VIP" feel.

2. Since the menus are prix fixe, you don't have to choose between an appetizer or dessert with your entree--you get both! In the past, menus have included three courses for $26 per person. This year, because of the popularity of the event and the increased number of participating restaurants, the menus range in their price points. Week 1 offers $29 or $36 menus, depending on the restaurant (see Week 1 details here). Week 2 offers menus that may be $16 (2 courses), $26 (3 courses), or $36 (3 premium courses) per person (check the Week 2 website here for details). There's no finer way to enjoy fine dining affordably!

3. A portion of each meal goes to a local cause or charity. This year's Restaurant Weeks benefit the Local Food Hub, a sustainable local food distribution model that connects central Virginia farmers with institutions that purchase locally grown produce, and the Virginia Institute of Autism which uses education, outreach, and other services to help people overcome the challenges of autism.

You can review the list of participating restaurants for Week 1 here or Week 2 here. The menus promise to be posted soon as the chefs finalize their dishes, but in the meantime, hop over to the restaurants' websites to get a feel for each cuisine, or feel free to leave a comment if you have a specific question about a restaurant that we can answer.

Maybe you'd like to try a Mediterranean-inspired meal at Orzo? (Source)

Restaurant Week is a fun, exciting time, and we hope you'll be a part of it, especially with double the opportunity to do so! Be sure to make your reservations early. Let us know how we at the Foxfield Inn can help you plan your visit. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we'll share our picks for the restaurants with the hottest menus and re-interpret some of the dishes in our own breakfasts!